Daylight in Buildings

tea flavored sunshine


Qiuchen Zheng, Di Zhang, Jiabei Liu, Siyuan Li


Tianshu Zheng


Hebei University of Technology


China - Mainland

tea flavored sunshine

Project Description

Fujian Province produces 90% of the country's white tea, Fuding City Nodding Town is the famous white tea origin. High quality white tea requires very precise drying conditions, precise lighting intensity and time, and must be made from sunlight, so it can only be judged by experienced old tea farmers by judging whether the light intensity of the weather can determine whether the tea can be dried at the moment and feel the temperature of the tea when the sun is made. The difficulty of making white tea is the control of light intensity, so we hope to provide a simple and easy operation method for making white tea under different sunshine intensity. Fujian province has a large number of bamboo, easy to get and have a strong toughness. Elastic material, the tensile will be elongated according to a certain proportion. The two kinds of elastic materials placed in orthogonality are interspersed with each other, woven into a net, the shorter elastic bands are fixed at both ends of the bamboo pole, the longer elastic bands are attached to the hollow bamboo tube, and the slightly finer bamboo pole passes through the tube and is stuck on the bamboo pole of the fixed net. After the elastic net hangs the heavy object to form the space force system, each elastic band conforms to Hooke's law ΔF = k *ΔL within the elastic limit, that is, the elongation is proportional to the tensile force of the elastic band, and each elastic band is stretched to make the gap between them larger, thus passing through more sunlight. According to the characteristics of local houses, vertical load-bearing members are arranged on the beams under the eaves to form the transmission system of the net and tea-paxial load-bearing members-beam-bucket arch-column-ground. In order to maintain the stable light intensity under different weather conditions, under the premise of keeping the quality of hanging tea under the net constant, by adjusting the bamboo pole to different positions, changing the size of the transparent pore between the elastic bands to fill the light or block the light.