Daylight Investigations



Tarek Sherif, Daniela Marquez


Georgia Institute of Technology


United States


Project Description

TEMPORAL CHROMA is an experiential lighting concept that takes place in Mexico City in the year 2080. With the rise of digital platforms enabling universal access to learning, preschools and performance spaces have experienced a rebirth as centers for social interaction and discovery for new generations. Engaging all with non-digital stimuli and environments has become a top priority to enable social development to begin and thrive. In an era where most have grown up in dark, desolate, and isolated urban environments, light and color play a critical role in inspiring a sense of discovery and joy via physical and psychological responses. TEMPORAL CHROMA proposes utilizing dichroic materials to do just this. Dichroics are materials which based on their properties, transmit part of the visible spectrum and reflect some back, showcasing various colors based on the angle of the source of light in two locations. This proposal primarily explores the application of this material through spaces for children in conjunction with RADIANCE visualization and rigorous day-lighting analysis to program strategically what specific colors would be observed during a precise time of day, based on solar positioning and sunlight availability.