Daylight in Buildings

The Blessing of Light


Jason Lim Zhe Hui


Yusra Binti Zulkifli


UCSI University



The Blessing of Light

Project Description

Ravi, the mosque designed with the presence of God. The Qur’an has identifies divine revelation with nur or light which helps people to walk and persevere on the right path. Accordingly, the main job of prophets was to guide people from darkness to light (Al-Ma'idah 5:15, 5:44). Daylight plays a more important role in Islamic realm compared to artificial It is used to illuminate the building but also used as a decorative medium which helps people to achieve the moral and spiritual vision of Islam, helping people to feel protected and calm when they enter the prayer hall. Mosque of the Nature. A mosque that is designed with God’s creation taking part as the design. As one of the main function of mosque is a mosque is a place for brotherhood and acts a gathering space for the people. Feel the presence of God through its creation. The sun, the rain. To make people be close to their belief, to the God again. Light and shadow as a boundary to divide spaces instead of walls. Sun, daylight as the main design concept. Hence, study of shadows castings in order to allow all the proposed receive maximum daylight throughout the day. Main prayer hall that proposed situated in the middle later than is rotated 45 degree to mark the Qibla direction. Circulation and pathway also take part in shaping the plan of the mosque. Designing openings on the ceiling and utility of brickworks create various luminous in the main prayer hall. The study of light and shadow effects throughout the day. Changes with time to make the main prayer hall unique on its way. When the clock strikes 12pm, the sun sits on the top of the mosque, the sunlight seeps into the gap in the ceiling and reflected at the water feature that is designed in the mosque. Then it is water reflection is reflected onto the interior wall of the mosque. The rain that comes into the interior from the gap in the ceiling falls into the water feature. Metaphorically creating an experience of praying in the nature with all the nature elements around us. Defining the concept of bringing us to be closer to God by appreciating the creations of God. The sun shines radiate on the water and create water reflection in the interior of the mosque. Suddenly, the mosque is like in the water. Surrounded with the luminance of the water reflections Daylight washing on the brick walls showing every individual brick surface details. Through all the God's creation, the daylights, and how it is being designed in the spaces. Creating a personal relationship and emotion connection to the spaces. Metaphorically your prayers is heard from the God, all the words are passed to Him through the daylights coming in from the Qibla's gap.