Daylight in Buildings

The Changing Light In The Derge Parkhang


Wanqi Shi, Yimeiling Kong, Zhengyuan Xu, Bo Liu


Jun Zhang


Northeast Forestry University


China - Mainland

The Changing Light In The Derge Parkhang

Project Description

In this architectural restoration design, we will explore how light guides people's sentiment changes in religious architecture. Our location is in the Derge Parkhang in the Tibetan settlement. The house is currently in disrepair and the interior light is dim. However, when we started to analyze its internal functions, we were surprised to find that its internal space was extremely narrative. We try to abstract its internal space into several spatial prototypes, use different lights to shape its sense, reproduce its guidance of people's sentiments´╝îeven the purification of the soul, and try to explore the perfect combination of sunlight and space in religious architecture.