Daylight Investigations

The emotional socialization of light


Ren Niki


Sanjiang University


China - Mainland

The emotional socialization of light

Project Description

Premise:2020 is a year to fight COVID-19. Paying too much attention to all kinds of information about the epidemic will lead to an irritable mood——anxiety, which includes nervousness, panic and uneasiness.When the virus is sweeping the world,we will worry about the safety and future of our loved ones or ourselves.with emotional ups and downs, how can we save ourselves when we are quarantined? Concept:My original intention was to appease the anxious people in the epidemic area with the help of light, and at the same time, a way could also be used to shorten the social distance of the isolated people. First of all, turn anxiety into social motivation, and then combine light with social interaction.Touching the emotion tracking sensor of the "emotional balloon" by hand, the emotion can be transmitted to the inside of the "balloon" through the chip, and the diode through the conduction system can reflect the current mood with color. The transparent solar panels arranged according to certain rules on the surface of the balloon absorb light during the day, and rise into the air at night because of the thermal expansion of helium inside. At the same time, the surface also shows a honeycomb shape, and the light stored during the day is released through the cracks in the surface at night.