Daylight Investigations



Shuxin Chen, Ze Meng, Fei Kong


Hengxiang Zheng


Shandong Jianzhu University


China - Mainland


Project Description

Jinan is known as the "spring city" with its unique spring culture. More than two thousand years of time, the sweet and fresh spring has been gushing and flowing in the city, nourishing generations of people living in Jinan. The wet blue flagstone road and the bubbling spring water from the flagstone seam are the unique memories of the older generation of Jinan people. However, in recent times, the water level of the spring continues to decrease, and the phenomenon of frequent disconnection occurs. The "clear spring water flows from the stones" scene in the old street no longer exists. At present, in the old town of Jinan, a lot of grapevine trellises appeared gradually, creating a space for people to relax and communicate in the streets of Jinan. However, many grapevine trellises are built randomly, with different ages and forms. So far, some of them have been abandoned and lack of beauty, which destroys the original rhythm of the old town. Through studying the light and shadow relationship between different combinations of grapevine leaves and their bearing surfaces, the growth trend of grapevine was interfered. The grapevine trellis is redesigned to create the effect of sunlight falling on the blue flagstone and casting a spring-like shadow on the blue flagstone. As people wander through the streets of the old town, the sunlight falls through the cracks of grape leaves, and the blue flagstone is like a canvas, depicting the light and shadow painting like the sparkling water. In the streets and alleys of the old town of Jinan, the redesigned grapevine trellis has gradually developed into a unique "mechanism" of the old town with the passage of time. The grapevine trellis with the memory of spring water reflects the dappled light and shadow under the sun, which injects new vitality into the sleepy old town of Jinan. Old people can chat with each other under the grapevine trellis, reminiscing in the shadows. Children can chase light and shadow under the grapevine trellis, romping and laughing. The shadow of the spring created by the shadow of grape leaves can arouse people's memories of the scene in the spring lane, which is described in a poem: "the clear spring water flows from the stones", and also can warn people that it is urgent to protect the spring of Jinan.