Daylight in Buildings

The History of Light


Sebastian Kawalec


Anna Berbesz


Politechnika Wrocławska



The History of Light

Project Description

Who do we think we are to deprive others of light? 81 years ago the Polish light went out. Enemy countries started to build walls that effectively took everything good from Poland. But due to the struggle and faith in regaining freedom, the question 'Light where are you?' transformed into 'Light where have you been?' Enter the Museum of Polish History described with light. 1. Idea The structure of the building leads with light the user through phases of Polish history. On 1 September 1939, Poland was attacked by the Third Reich, and on 17 September by the USSR. Mass executions were carried out and the Polish intelligentsia was exterminated. Despite the inhuman situation, Poles were still fighting for freedom and helping others. Until the last drop of blood, they tried to break free from the cruel darkness. The thick wall was defeated in 1945, when World War II ended. But Poland didn't immediately regain all the light. After the war, Poland was still under Soviet domination. All areas of social life were controlled by the communists. Terror and propaganda were used. Finally, the loss of the communist party in the 1989 elections brought freedom to Poland. Based on poems written during World War II by Polish poets, you can learn about the symbolism of light, but only through selected architecture, you can learn about light materially. Many countries, but also people can identify with this history. Wars, totalitarian authorities, social inequality, take place daily in many regions of the world. But it is always worth remembering that there is always light at the end of the tunnel that is worth fighting for. But only if its loss, we can appreciate it again. You enter the Museum in 1939, but you don't leave it. You create it. We are architects for ourselves and for others. It's up to us if we create a wall or let the light show the world as it is. 2. Structure The construction of the building is in harmony with the emotions in a specific period of history. The symbolism of war times translates here into architecture. Architecture is a way to control and manipulate. Building partitions, taking light away is presented here as heavy walls. They were created to support massive construction and to lose people. Construction as a good structure is showed here only as a base for the glass. Glass is the main metaphorical building construction. From the outside, the building was surrounded by luminous columns. During the day they give an extra shade, where the light could get into. Looking at the building at the beginning, when you see the columns one by one, you'll think it will always be like this. When you stand at the end and see the columns away from each other, you will think that it always has been like this. Only when you see the whole building, you may know the truth. 3. Light/Dark When you go inside, you go into the dark. It will let you appreciate the light later. In the distance you see only a thin strip of light coming in. You know this light will be there all the time, and it's real, because it's been with you all the time. Darkness will affect you in many ways. You'll stop recognizing who's who. You won't know where you are. You can feel many emotions in the light. The longing, the sadness, maybe a little disappointment that you've left? But can a person feel any emotion to something that is just radiation? It must be something else. Something alive. The next light you meet is a stream of holes after bullets. Holes that have pierced not only the walls, but also your friends, loved ones. The light of sacrifice created from fighting for you and others going to the light. When you go through a narrow crossing, the sunlight blinds you. It blinds you pleasantly, greets you like a good old friend, and then shows you the whole interior of the building in full beauty. The last thing you see is a mirror and yourself in it. But also the darkness coming out of the narrow gap in the wall, now suppressed by light. You must remember it, not underestimate it. You may be caught again at an unexpected moment. The building is surrounded by light columns outside. They are powered by the sunlight accumulated during the day. This is a side effect of building walls. Everything has consequences. If the light is taken somewhere, it will come back in a negative way. Do not build walls. They may stray another walkers, and wear new bullet scars. It is up to us whether the building will be upgraded with light or shadow.