Daylight in Buildings

The light of the origin of life


承洋 左, 忠宇 韩, 海辰 黄, 家铭 崔


少飞 王


Qingdao University of Technology


China - Mainland

The light of the origin of life

Project Description

Improve the boring and boring way of opening windows in modern cities, improve the interest of living environment, lead an innovative lighting mode that combines lighting and interest, make use of low cost as much as possible, create functional components of green buildings, and break the general trend of world urban convergence. The simple curved surface mold can be combined freely according to the demand, using simple pouring method to combine the cheap and easy-to-get steel bar pillar with cement mortar to form a unique grid structure. Through this unique structure, we can observe the nature, and the scenery is natural without any decoration, so that we can get inspiration from the nature, stimulate people's enthusiasm for life, and keep forging ahead To explore the deeper resonance between man and nature.