Daylight in Buildings

The Light / Shadow Theatre


Szymon Chrzanowski


Andrzej Sobolewski


Politechnika Wrocławska



The Light / Shadow Theatre

Project Description

Light. Properly shaped, it has a dramaturgy and defines the nature of the space. In the Light/Shadow Theatre, it is elevated to the highest level and plays the important role - it becomes the main character. In the designed building both natural and artificial are treated in a special way. The lighting effects in the main theatre hall or in the preceding amphiladic spaces create temporary, ephemeral aesthetic experiences depending on location, the time of the day or the season. The theatre without the actors. Ascetic, pure interiors are designed to focus the whole attention on the most important “actor” which is light. The designed object is one-storied and based on the enfilade space layout. The entrance area and the lobby give users the first aesthetic lighting experience. The using of gaps in the flat roof allows to introduce the light into the interior in a manner strictly specified by the designer. We should be in a bright space, but due to the use of raw concrete, it is dark inside. Ahead of us is the passage to the next rooms. It is white, but slightly illuminated. Using contrast is the most noticeable thing in this building. Another important room is the chamber hall with the audience. It is a space to exhibit art installations related to the light. It should intensify impressions and curiosity before the culminating moment in the main theater hall. In the foyer, users wait for the main event. As in previous rooms, here a sheaf of light enlights the interior. A white revolving door leads to the main hall. It is designed as multifunctional which gives the possibility of many arrangements primarily for the "light and sound" performances. Moreover, the building features storage areas, an administrative part with the social facilities, and the hygiene and sanitary facility. The roof is used as an open air theater for summer events. The building facade is created from the vertical slats which give the impression of a strong contrast between the illuminated front and the dark niche.