Daylight Investigations

The Mediator


Ala' Amro, Shatha Joudeh


Mohammed Zaghmouri


German Jordanian University



The Mediator

Project Description

While being isolated in this corona crisis, we understood how hard isolation could be. We wanted to leave so much but couldn’t since the outside world is of danger to our health. We then thought to ourselves…. How about the people that have been isolated their entire life, how hard has it been for them? This opened our eyes to look for cases that are similar to our current one. Autism turned out to display this same act of isolation in the lives of people. Autistic ones tend to perceive the world differently, and so acting differently, accordingly the outside world could be dangerous for them. In the world of autism, a change means chaos. When our world together is filled with changes “chaos”, autistic people tend to have a sensory overload, which causes them to panic, thus its less possible for them to interact with the outside world. An introduction of an Order element could develop a sense of familiarity with the surroundings to be a solution. Our idea is to allow light to be a MEDIATOR between the autistic world and our world, and so it’s our candidate for this element of Order. According to an experiment published in 2016 by MIT CSAIL HCI Engineering Group called “Photo-Chromeleon: Re-Programmable Multi-Color Textures Using Photochromic Dyes”, a mixture of multiple photochromic chemicals with different absorption properties exhibits different colours depending on different UV exposures. Such mixed chemicals include: C23H14F6S2 (red), C17H14F6S2 (yellow) and C29H22F6S2 (blue), will result in a transparent mixture in overall. We then introduce our Autism glasses which further experiments in the concept. Where the display of different colours of the lens in the different times of the day (different UV-sun exposures) gives autistic people this sense of “order within chaos”. When the different chemicals in the tinted mixture react to different UV- wavelengths of the sun, they produce different colours, so the glasses change colour in different times of the day. This gives autistic people an indication of the different times and scenarios of the day, which gives them a sense of Order and so calms them down. As well as, Autistic people also tend to see the single flickers of the fluorescent light that our normal eyes cannot perceive. So this flicker tends to annoy them and cause them distraction, making it harder for them to socialize as well. Since most of the buildings contain fluorescent light this problem should be solved too. Our glasses also include a filter that blocks these flickers and converts it to natural light . This is also a further experimentation of the “make great light” company’s products. All in all, “the best of you are the best to people”, we believe that humans were sent as a mercy to each other , to love and accept the changes and help each other elevate, until we fulfil the real meaning of HUMANITY.