Daylight Investigations

The mother city lives again ... A journey through time ...Adorn her sky .... to return the mercy soul


Waed Alzoubi


Firas Hawasly


Damascus University



The mother city lives again ... A journey through time ...Adorn her sky .... to return the mercy soul

Project Description

Damascus has a wall and seven doors..This body that forms all Damascene through its districts, its landmarks, its gates, and its great historical wall in which you reveal yourself...It is the city that capable of delivering its magic and soul to its residents until now, despite the difficulties and crisis, that it has not yet died..Old Damascus is now suffering from spatial, religious and social pressure resulting from the crisis, but it extends for much earlier and is linked to poor spatial management That is why we are now working to revive the identity of this ancient city. It is the true expression of our identity, our personality and our unwavering content that is never change whatever happens. the identity of the city is not a visual image but rather a spirit and it has a tangible and intangible component .. you do not feel it....Unless you know the city and its history as a whole. Do not forget that every day something is born in us and another grows and the changes accumulate as just what is happening with the city wall.. Damascus ... that is the wall surrounding the old city and registered among the antique buildings preserved in 1946 AD and it is the old city now..Threatened to be removed from the World Heritage List..Its circumference is 500 meters ,its length is 1500 meters, its width is 750 meters and its area is estimated at 100... It's history goes back to 1000 BC, where it witnessed over many time periods Aramaic, Greek, Roman, Islamic, Abbasid, Zinc,Ayyubid, Ottoman, French, and even to this time it testifies to what is happening inside the city and forms the most important part of the city’s body,so the idea was .....It is not necessary to revive the spatial and temporal memory of the fence by taking advantage of the sun's rays by using a technique completely similar to the principle Projector...The projector is a device that is used to visualize images on the surface where it works to create Image and light crossing through small transparent lenses and projecting to the surface -The technique used is a device installed on the top plan of the wall. It is used By storing the sunlight during the day within a small batteries. The light is published in the evening, in the sky of ancient Damascene in a form of light scattering and draw the old wall of the city within its sky at different time periods, thus helps Damascus residents and planes flying over the city, to watch the ancient wall and the ancient history of the city throughout the night (a journey through time) . The colors were used for it relating to the city’s temporal memory (Shami rose -popular sweets) Through this work we help to revitalize the city’s body as a whole....In the daylight hours, the old city is the destination of all the residents of Damascus. As at night , it decorated with the old wall and its seven doors through investing the sunlight by a small device that attaches to wall of the fence from the top. It works to display the intangible side of the city at night(a journey in the memory).Thus Damascus will be revived day and night and so we brought back its spatial and temporal memory in all day hours, by investing the sunlight in a correct and a beneficial manner...