Daylight in Buildings

the northern sun dome


Palesa Thinane-Epondo


Jean Wiid


Greenside Design Centre, Collegeof Design


South Africa

the northern sun dome

Project Description

The Northern Sun Dome is designed to capture the southern hemisphere Johannesburg sunlight which rises from the east and sets in the west, rendering south facing spaces dim and lifeless in the summer months, and dark and cold during the winter months. The location of interest is Parkhust surburb, this proposed intervetion is however applicable anywhere in the world due to the round funnel shape of the reflective and light bending design. The Northern Sun Dome filters natural light into to spaces all year round through the use of air brick curently found in many South African buildings such as living and office spaces. The air brick is hollowed and the Northern Sun Dome fitted into the brick filtering soft, yet panoramic light into the interiors. The 45 degree upward facing curved surface area catches natural light, bending in towards fanlike louvre glass plates fitted into the air brick to emmit natural light into the target space. The proposed solution is cost effective as it uses exiting stutural material, and requires minimal structural changes to properties.