Daylight Investigations

The scars of light


Yunting Li, Jiahao Wu, Yuxin Li, Yanfeng Han


Jiaxin Wen


Shenyang Jianzhu University


China - Mainland

The scars of light

Project Description

With the continuous development of industrialization, there are permanent wounds on trees, because of the deteriorating natural environment and the wanton destruction of human beings. If nothing is done, the trees will be scarred and even die. Tree doctors guarding the forest diagnose trees and improve soil conditions. We have designed a structure to help tree doctors restore forests ,by taking advantage of the properties of light. Just like the bark is divided into five layers, the structure we designed is divided into five layers, using the new material of resin - photosensitive resin. Different kinds of tree wounds, the effect of photosensitive resin light will be different, which provides tree doctors with accurate information convenient for their treatment, and also lights up the road at night for them. Starting from the trees themselves, we use the properties of this light-sensitive resin material to create a thought-provoking phenomenon -the place with beautiful light are scars.