Daylight in Buildings

The Sepulcher By The Sea


jinhui yu, zedian jiang, ziyan huang, jingyi yang


xu li


Hunan University


China - Mainland

The  Sepulcher By The Sea

Project Description

In the beginning of chaos, the realm of nothingness, space and time, and then the generation of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, each other against the other, Yin and Yang unreal, the birth of all things. One is the child of the divine law.After one comes two, after two comes three, and after three come all things, all things belong to one at the end. The way of Heaven, everything begins at the beginning, and ends at the end, the same destination, the same cycle,this is the way. So life comes from nature, through death comes to nature, and goes round and round, never mind. In fact, sometimes, we fear death because we dare not think about death and do not know what death is. In the design, the elements of the moon of reincarnation are quoted to make people dare to look directly at death and begin to think about what death is, so that people realize that death is a reincarnation, born in elements and attributed to elements. With the constant changes in the height of the moon and the angle 、of the building, the shape of the room after the moon refracts through the lighting holes and tides will also change constantly. The full moon, string moon, waning moon and full moon form a cycle, just like the cycle of life.