Daylight in Buildings

The Shields of Light


Redas Matusevičius


Audrius Ambrasas


Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas



The Shields of Light

Project Description

Public spaces of cities is lacking appropriate approach of light. The aim is to create canopy which meaningfully would regulate sunlight and create proper atmosphere under it. The concept is that regulation of sunlight is like a battle. Shields have been used to defend against invaders in war from ancient times. Shields help to defend against uncontrolled sunlight this time. Everyone shield can be rotated into precise position and concentrate sunlight in specific way. Regulated sunlight is more pleasant for many different activities: concerts, exhibitions, cafe, calm rest, market, fashion design shows and others. This canopy is like artificial forest. Rotational parts are like the leaves of trees. Creation of canopy in such way gives possibility to deffend from sunlight or let to pass sunlight though the shields and create considerably articulated “battlefield“ of light.