Daylight in Buildings

The Sun Appears At Night


Moomen Badawy, Ezz Eldin AbdElrazek


Taras Rudenko


Poltav'skij Nacional'nij Tehničnij Universytet im. Yuriya Kundratiuka



The Sun Appears At Night

Project Description

my project is using in two different time , first at morning with any weather in country because we use the sun light in any direction , like when it rise we can get the light cross the light glass then to the first mirror then to the lamb and if taking other angle the second mirror take it time to get the light then to the lamb , and if the sun go up to vertical angle then the light will go smoothly to the lamb without any mirror use , in the evening or night we can get the light from the same source sun light but this time taking by phosphoric stones or paint then to opposite mirror then to the lamb with power turn light until 12 hours , at the beginning i just want to light one lamb at morning and one at night but the two will lighting at the same time in vertical condition , at any rate it will give us light anytime and anywhere with the simple thing can get the natural light for very long period . Thanks