Daylight in Buildings

The visualization of belief


qian xiaoxian, li jiawen


zhan yuan


China Academy of Art


China - Mainland

The visualization of belief

Project Description

Tibet has a unique worship for religion, and local residents have their own unique way of worship. The golden wheel is an important prop for them to chant and pray for blessings. The volume of the wheel can be as tall as a tower, or as small as one can fiddle with in one's hand. Every turn of the golden wheel represented that they recited buddhist sutras silently in their hearts. Starting with the prayer wheel, we began to think about how to combine local beliefs and light. The light, which comes from heaven, is the Light of Buddha, a symbol of happiness and beauty that can bring them. Local lamas find themselves in the noisy outdoor environment all the year round, and our design is to give them a space of their own for meditation. In our mind, the meditation room is quiet. But we have to bring the light inside. The exterior is inspired by a turntable, where local sutras are carved into glass, allowing light to enter from the outside. The body of a lama is not a pure light, but a projection of scripture -- a visualization of scripture that gives lamas an experience of being illuminated by the Light of Buddha.