Daylight in Buildings



Beatriz Ingles, Allyson Vila Anaya


Alvaro Galmes


Universidad Européa de Madrid




Project Description

The RECONVERSION of the workshop! During our day to day, we are subjected to different work activities: action, relaxation, relationship, pleasure ... we can say that the LIGTH we need for each of them, makes of it one more material of construction, of changing, and of difficult control that determine the comfort of the users in the interior space. TheEggggggggg space arises in response to the different lighting needs that we should have in our workspace, so what is the best light to work with ?. The answer is INDIRECT LIGTH, since it is homogeneous and does not generate shadows, therefore ... how is it achieved ?. To do this, a system is built, a system that will work with the shape, size and openings, what will allow to be located anywhere in the world… 1. Shape The perfect geometry of the egg allows working with the created system. Free height and circular plan, totally controllable shape. 2. Height The volume rises the total of a plant, which allows light from below through its support through "legs" strategically placed and adapted to the set. 3. Openings A system formed by three types of openings, chimneys, skylights and terraces, are oriented and dimensioned according to the solstices of the year. Well...we are in front of THREE TOTALLY DIFFERENT LIGHTING ENVIRONMENTS, the semi-public workspace, where light is able to be captured. The social and relaxation space, a shaded space, a public place and a free stay. The sexual space, hidden, buried, a dark, intimate, private place. We have created a NEW ENVELOPE, composed of glass as the main element, which will allow light to pass through, but due to this it will need an outer layer that protects, cares for it, and pampers it. This second layer is a chamber made up of a membrane of filaments that will vary in size according to the integrated air pressure. There are materials such as latex that allow these "growths" and each filament will have a spring to ensure its correct stretching. Depending on the intensity of light required, the user will be able to control the light that enters his building, thus achieving the maximum internal comfort desired Regulating the structure, the chosen structural system is the ortz type, which will allow the perfect addition of the pockets in any of its triangulations, thus being able to be located anywhere in the world. So… who wouldn't want to work here? experiencing how the building is capable of being modified, and made visible from the outside?