Daylight in Buildings

To Be Surpassed


Guanzhong Pan, Xinyu Cao


Lili Wang


Shanghai Institute of Technology


China - Mainland

To Be Surpassed

Project Description

Spiritual transcendence, the quality of good and bad, the more can reflect the happiness of human dignity of the more high-quality way of transcendence;Spiritual transcendence, while satisfying the spiritual needs of human beings, is bound to be accompanied by the emergence of unknown or known side of human beings.We want to advocate such a way of spiritual transcendence with such a reading corner space that brings light from the empty body to illuminate the dark part of the entity.In the face of the arrival of the unknown, people in the longing for spiritual transcendence is brave or hesitant?The answer to that question is for humans to answer.The human spirit is not yet finished when it is in want.