Daylight in Buildings

Toe’uana Church


Chia-Hung Lee, Yu-Hsien Wu


Ping-Hsun Lee


National United University



Toe’uana Church

Project Description

The Toe’uana tribe is located in Mountain Ali, Taiwan, an ancient mountain range with dense and pristine forests, and a carrier of the lives and history of many indigenous people. There are different kinds of scenery brought to the tribe as the four seasons change, and there are often clouds and fog all year round. The daily light and shadow changes are very distinctive, and Mountain Ali has become a famous tourist attraction in Taiwan. Since the missionary of the Christian church to Mountain Ali, the population of the tribal religious believers has exceeded 70%, so the focus of life of tribal residents in Taiwan has gradually transformed into a church. As a result, we use this as a motivation to design. We believe that churches are the places which connect God and people. So we combine the culture of the aboriginal people, the characteristics of the base and the conversion of sunlight as the three core concepts. We hope to create a space script that combines the light and shadow of the sun with the natural environment. People can know God through the space script after design, and not only live with nature, but also meet the new field space of the future community development.