Daylight in Buildings





Chang-Liang Lai


National United University




Project Description

Tribe of God -Deenyana In 2009, the Morakot disaster caused severe landslides in the mountains of southern Taiwan. Many villages and aboriginal tribes in the mountains were "destroyed." The most famous of these was the death of 474 people in Kaohsiung Kosin Korin Village. There is a need to move residents to a safe place to live, so there are many new communities where new permanent houses have been built to accommodate the original residents. Deenyana is the home that the tribes rebuilt after the village of Laiji was destroyed, and the place where they regained their foothold is the place where the Zou ancestors once lived, which is Deenyana as spoken by the Zou people. : Away from safe and gentle land on the riverbed. Deenyana is not just an aboriginal residence, he carried a lot of love, ancestors' respect for nature, people's love for this land, love for ancestors, architect's love for this land , The love of God, and the love of foreigners ... But because the land in this secluded mountain forest is so beautiful, it has attracted many tourists to visit it. In addition to affecting the lives of local residents, it also destroyed environment. Therefore, in this land where many loves are carried, what we want to do is hope that in addition to allowing tourists to understand the story-filled place of Deenyana without breaking the environment and affecting the residents At the same time, it also solves the problems that trouble the local residents. In addition, we also want to amplify and continue the love of this land. We take the Lord's Prayer as the core of the design and design the narrative in the Lord's Prayer. Our greenhouse glass uses color separation filters designed by thin-film optical technology. This is based on the principle of thin-film interference. The sunroof axis lined with custom prisms and mirrors converts ordinary sunlight into radiant solar spectrum beams for bathing. Our greenhouse. Step into the greenhouse. Can interact with the lively rainbow beam. And have their own colored shadows.The cultures all over the world regard the rainbow as a sacred symbol, a symbol of hope, peace and redemption. In this design, we express the ever-changing art of sunlight, triangular prism and architecture. The original life of people is the gift of sunlight and water. Now we are asking the sun about the beauty of life and the beautiful scenery of nature. Adjust and play the mirror and prism in the axis until God whispered that it was perfect. The secrets of the sun can broaden people's minds, make them fascinated by the connection between different topics, and even talk about these topics enthusiastically. It combines technology, human senses, beauty, art and sound to create such an ingenious and simple but almost infinite complexity. This is the part that is needed to get the most important power in the world today-the human mind-to be closer to wisdom than to wisdom.