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Tyndall Light Tunnel in Factory




SuLiu Chen


Shanghai Institute of Technology


China - Mainland

Tyndall Light Tunnel in Factory

Project Description

In 2013, pneumoconiosis resulted in 260,000 deaths globally, up from 251,000 deaths in 1990. Pneumoconiosis is one of a group of interstitial lung disease caused by breathing in certain kinds of dust particles, these damages caused by the disease on lungs tissue are unrecoverable. It is called an occupational lung disease, for It mainly occurs in specific occupation, particular whose working environment might breathe in abundant fine mineral or chemical dust, such as silica, coal dust, or asbestos. We're trying to make some improvement on factory architecture to strengthen light reflection on dust in the air to deal with pneumoconiosis problem with industrial factory workers. Also, we believe through a vision enhance strategy, we can arouse the awareness of workers to pay more attention to their own health. The visibility of dust is closely affected by illuminance contract and is best when under the condition where Tyndall Effect could happened. The core of our design task is to create a dark room for Tyndall Effect to happen in such a light space as factory. We’ve tried different strategy to create such a happening box in different factory type: 1 In most common factory, structure building with double beam and envelope the structure, thus dark zones between two beams are created, adding slop on the roof upon the structure system to let light in. 2 In multiple floor factory, adding extra light well with a comparatively small opening in the light well to create light beam in a dark zone. 3 In factory with waving windows, adding a separated to create dark zone and adding slop on the roof to let in light beam. With a visual dust density reflection, working people could sense their working environment in a more directly way, having awareness that the potential risk of their healthy problem. Thus, that may remind them to pay more attention to their own health and having regular physical examination. Also, we want to set a new Visible Dust Density Standard as a post strategy for the improvement. According to Dust Density Standard for factory now, and test what kind of visual effect each level of dust density standard will be like, and send those image-based standards to working people. New Visible Dust Density Standard standard serve as a rough real-time air quality respond to working people, working with the precise testing process at the same time. (For obviously reason, visual scene is not precise enough, so it still need precise measure to cooperate.) As air quality in working space is closely connect to every working person, the best way to defend workers’ right is to simplify the process and leave the air quality analysis direct to working people.