Daylight in Buildings

Ultra pasteurized


AIRAT Zaidullin


Ilnar Akhtiamov


Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering


Russian Federation

Ultra pasteurized

Project Description

The appearance of a reinforced-concrete frame system at the beginning of the twentieth century significantly changed not only the appearance of the wall, but also the idea of a window: it ceased to be a hole in a massive wall, which dimensions were limited. Special attention should be paid intently to the creative concepts of the interaction of architecture and natural light of Le Corbusier. Besides the functional significance of light, the architect talks about the effect of light on the physiological factors of the human body. That such environmental characteristics as colour, capacity and degree of illumination have a certain influence on the sensations of a person. In short, modernists give rise to the foundations of the principles of the interaction of light and architecture that are characteristic of present days. The result of the study became a theoretical model with new principles for the formation of internal space. The project is a new typology, developed out of the response to a brief that solely asked for a building that would bring people of city* together and improve the quality of life by means of natural light. A green street passes through the entire volume of the building, uniting such spaces as a library, an amphitheater, creative laboratories, classrooms, a children's educational center, a museum, sports grounds and etc. Thus, the frame, being the spine of the building, combines objects of different scale. Natural light, penetrating through the perforated structure, accumulates in a person, in his emotions, in imagination and creativity. *Naberezhnye Chelny was envisioned as a modernistic monocity, designed for comfortable living. Thanks to thousands of people from all over the country factory and new city were built. In the former-Soviet period mono-city experiences stagnation of economy. According to the master plan, a citywide cultural center was supposed like a multifunctional platform raised above the ground. Now It doesn't use for its intended purpose.