Daylight Investigations

Under the light


Oran Wiriya, Mananchai Pattarapongmanee


Veerapong Eawpanich


Chulalongkorn Mahawitthayalai



Under the light

Project Description

Under The Light Bangkok is a city with strong sunlight and high temperatures. Strong sunlight is bad for eye health causing skin disorders and other health problems. Excessive heat causing physical discomfort When too much light and heat in each day. As a result, outdoor activities are not popular. People choose to use cars rather than walking on the road. Choose to stay in the air conditioning section rather than spending time outside. Under The Light is designed to solve problems that occur. Depending on the light and heat factors, the balloon contains helium, an inert gas that can float and is less dangerous than hydrogen. When used together with lighting equipment in the sun, As a result, the gas suddenly increased or expanded when the calorific value reaches the set threshold. And can shrink when the heat is below the threshold. The light passing through the balloon will be diffusion. It makes the light soft and comfortable for the eye. Moreover, the heat will be trapped by gas. The gap between the balloons will help to ventilate the heat generated under the balloon to the top. this feature will encourage people to use the area outside the building or walk around by having a good quality of life. Under The Light uses a Modular System, using hexagons and connecting them with cables. Which can be arranged in various ways according to usage, such as in walkway covers or wide-area multipurpose areas. Balloon installation can be done by hanging the cable from a pole or a tree where you want if you do not want the poles to interfere with the use of the space.