Daylight Investigations

UV-umbrella for The Great Barrier Reef


Han Zhipeng, Xu Yuxuan, Qi Changkai, Yue Dong, Yue Chen


Zhou Yiling


Tongji Zhejiang College


China - Mainland

UV-umbrella for The Great Barrier Reef

Project Description

The proposal aims to design a foldable umbrella-shaped floating installation that uses the ultraviolet protection film on the umbrella surface to block the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef coral caused by direct ultraviolet radiation due to the huge ozone hole in the southern hemisphere. The installation is used in serious coral bleaching areas. Due to the foldability of these installations, the staff can conveniently transport and place them. Also, the light-sensing system and power system are installed at the top and middle of the installation respectively, which can adjust the unfold degree of the umbrella surface according to the real-time situation and adjust the position appropriately. A cluster system can also be formed between each installation, which can run orderly and stable in the serious area.