Daylight in Buildings

Vertical Farm of Light


Tzu-Jung Chin, Chien-Hsun Chen


Yan-Ting Chen


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology



Vertical Farm of Light

Project Description

In Kenya, Africa many cash crops are exported to other countries. However local residents didn’t get what they have paid. Therefore, in this design the vertical farming system to promote qualities of life for local residents. In addition to solving the problem of famine, a symbiotic environment has also been formed. Due to the concentration of the rainy season and the dry climate in Africa, solving the problem of water shortage has become an important issue. The comprehensive design of the structure column is combined with the water storage system to allow the rainwater flows along the pipeline to the underground layer then retain the water resources to the distant residence. In this barren land we hope to revive the local greening system and bring sustainable, regenerative and harmonious architecture to residents and creatures.The comprehensive design of architecture and greening system can grow naturally without management then use the divided layer to define the cash crops and animal life, and form a harmonious ecological building.