Daylight in Buildings

VIE dance - sing - share


Birgit Huber, Pia Stern


Hildegard Sint


FH Campus Wien



VIE dance - sing - share

Project Description

The building, which is placed on an old factory site, it is intended to be a meeting place for young and old people. As the name indicates, the cultural and sports center includes rehearsal rooms for dancing and making music. The rooms in the upper floors and the event hall in the basement, can be rented free of charge, in addition, instruments can be borrowed. Further activities include free yoga courses and taking part in dance battles. The building has two entrances, one is on the ground level and is used as the main entrance. If you use that entrance you pass the reception and have access to the event hall. The second entrance is on the opposite side of the building and you enter to the second floor. It is the entrance for the café and the rehearsal rooms. The facade is executed using a curtain wall which is composed with elements of Corten steel. These elements are either opaque or implement various perforated sheets, to redirect and moderately intromit light. In the areas where the need of light varies, elements look like a rosette. In the middle of the building there is a crack in the facade. This part is glazed and guides the light into the event hall. The event hall is located on the ground floor and can be utilized by musicians and dancer. This hall can be reached by seating steps next to the main entrance that serve as bleachers for the visitors. Above the seating steps is a funnel where daylight is guided to the ground floor through reflection on smooth, white concrete walls. On the other side of the hall, the ceiling has a slot where daylight passes through. This slot is constructed as a water basin with a glass floor. As the daylight goes through the water basin into the event hall it creates an exciting atmosphere. Furthermore, the daylight gets reflected by the water surface towards the ceiling and back into the café.