Daylight Investigations

Virtual Sunlight


Daniela Toledo, Matias Canales, Thamara Illanes


Francisco Ibarra,

Amaya Glaria


Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María



Virtual Sunlight

Project Description

Virtual Sunlight is a technological conceptualization of natural light, born to improve spaces that lack direct natural lighting. The project is based on a pattern projector previously loaded into the device's memory from our smartphones, reading the room to reach a higher level of reality and incorporating the movement and progressiveness of projections in the environment. The project works with collectively recognizable and representative patterns of situations where natural light enters the spaces where we live, such as natural light filtered by curtains, the refraction of natural light in the water, the rain that slides through the windows or the nature as a natural shadow. The projector works with tones that imitate natural light throughout the day, so in the morning we have cold tones and in the afternoon warm tones. With the current quarantine, we live a physical but not a mental confinement, being essential to improve the spaces where we live. Artificial Sunlight works to improve the atmosphere where we live using an imitation of natural light to overcome anxiety and deliver calm. The idea was thought to solve home spaces in the situation that currently affects us, but in the future Virtual Sunlight could be taken to spaces that we live collectively and that lack natural light, generating atmospheres that allow us to stimulate the senses and transform cold and superficial spaces in comfortable spaces.