Daylight in Buildings

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Ping-Hsun Lee


National United University



Visitor Center

Project Description

The design uses the sunlight in nature as the light source of the building. The design concept is based on the gold grass orchid and Kuba. The gold grass orchid is a flower of the Zou people. Get the help of God of War. The main body of the building uses a circle as a plane, and the thin shell is divided into 6 equal parts (the number of petals) to surround the main body of the building, and then the gap between the hundred shells is used as the window. A total of 6 360 degrees can be seen around the base The scenery of each environment, and the light will also enter the room from the overlapping gaps according to the weather and the angle of the sun, and can also resist the cold wind that is directly irrigated in the north. For the circulation and ventilation, the first floor uses a semi-open space, and the roof is covered with a convex lens principle to gather sunlight, which is like a fire hall in the middle of the Kuba of the Zou people. The roof is heightened to facilitate ventilation and circulation.