Daylight in Buildings

Void of light


Sahedul Alam


Mohammad Yousuf Iqubal Chowdhury


Sonargaon University



Void of light

Project Description

Project idea: At present, a very significant problem is insufficient natural lighting in high-rise buildings. But at the same time, there is so much sunlight. So how do we shape buildings to capture the maximum amount of natural light? My project is about an interesting principle. The magical vertical void of the sky light through the water flow given magical polarization. Connecting the magical water through the building relation with sky water and ground water with its layer by layer water flow with Magical skylight to the place for romanticism? I think about simple geometric forms. I think that nature is our natural environment. And building and nature must be in harmony. Have you ever thought about life without water? If you think of the forest desertification image that you saw through YouTube, you can see little impact of water on human life. It is not well known that when water is not available, it contravenes water human rights, such as discrimination and a threat to safety, and can’t escape from poverty. In particular, water is more than just a drink in Bangladesh. Every Bangladeshi loves their river, crossing over the religions and languages of the times. The main exception of this project is returning the things that are taken from nature. The special factor that can be taken from Hill waterfall, become a sustainable part of nature. To keep the balance of natural environment, is the main intention of this project. “THE BEGINNING OF THE MAGICAL WATER FLOW”. This project address challenges faced by cities, communities and modern societies, and where daylight and architecture can help create change through better and healthier living environments. Polarized light is produced by scattering of downwelling sunlight. Near the surface, especially when the water is calm and clear, and there are few waves or ripples, polarization in the sky is readily observed. The sun rays or lights we receive directly from the sun is completely unpolarized light. The unique and interesting thing about this void is the polarization of magical sky light. it reduces the heat and intensity of the light and gives us an interesting view. Considering natural and environmental issue I made magical voided with water flow; at the same time the sun rays reflected in water flow, it's more comfortable diffuse light in our felling, sharp wind flow which helps to cool of the building with its own flow and pass away. Location The design has been creating an urban entertaining and amazing place for the magical vertical void of the water flow through the sky light given magical polarization. Which is in Dhanmondi, Dhaka in Bangladesh. Dhaka experiences a hot, wet and humid tropical climate. Under the Köppen climate classification, Dhaka has a tropical wet and dry climate. The city has a distinct monsoonal season, with an annual average temperature of 25 °C. Project description: The urban lounge help urban people accessibility into the lounge. Urban lounge nearest social gathering space is more entertaining for people who come to visit here. Urban lounge slowly moving into upper it’s converted into GREEN LOUNGE and SKY LOUNGE itself. Which is more entertaining and amazing haven feeling spacecraft for visitors? What I am looking here to make the from more natural and environmental and it’s quite easy to understanding. Special features: natural daylight, southern breeze, shaded western facade, breathing atrium connecting water body and water harvesting. Green, connecting terrace to the historical place, plaza and conglomeration spaces in layers revive the future lounge.