Daylight in Buildings

well (of) light. warsaw's wells


Daniel Boba, Inez Wawszczyk


Beata Majerska Palubicka


Silesian University of Technology



well (of) light. warsaw's wells

Project Description

Sluzewiec aka Mordor Light pollution is a new phenomenon existing in highly developed countries. The example of a city with a high density of artificial light in Poland is Warsaw. Sluzewiec is a business district with almost 100 building on the low surface. That led to problems with transport. Everyday struggles influenced on nicknaming Sluzewiec as Mordor, as an inspiration of Tolkien’s trilogy. Artificial lights, noise, lack of greenery and unnatural concrete jungle are factors that make Mordor unbearable place to work. Blocks of Warsaw urbanism have a distinctive feature. Each block has a narrow hole. The feeling of that space is similar to staying inside a well. Idea The path of the sun is the most important. To act on the perplexing problems of Mordor, we must consider a holistic approach. Three modules of the bus stop, reading room and well create multiple variations of solution. Each module can be autonomous, but they can be mixed and matched. Well - multisensory place enhancing concentration. It dissociates from exterior and changes the ambience inside thanks to double-wall construction. The outer layer is the monolith wall, while the inner one is the wooden framework filled with the twigs of blackthorns. With dark wooden walls and a controlled amount of light, the dimness of the well brings a mood of relaxation. Sun can penetrate the room, by skylight and telescopes. The well is never too dark nor too light. Inside well, you can hear silence. And after this weird moment of deafness, you hear the howling wind or dropping water between twigs and birds singing. (Reduced greenery and dislodge birds. By placing birdhouses in the building, we can reconstruct lost ecosystem). Wet twigs radiate with the characteristic smell of wood. A mixture of saline settled on blackthorns, not only release the smell but also by evaporation, minerals in the air increase. Wood, under the influence of water, salt and air changes its texture, colour and reflects light differently. The well lined with twigs makes haptic and plastic sensation. Because of the presence of the saline, the air inside is pleasantly cool. Reading room It is one room module before complete disconnection. It is possible to get inside directly by the bus stop and read while waiting, or by the separate entrance. The space is pure and minimalistic, without any additional furniture. Everything you need to read is there - bench and shelves are part of walls. Big skylight is the source of light, while light stucco reflects the rays. Bus stop Mordor is poorly connected. Because of that people are using more and more cars, resulting in traffic. It is a closed circle with a no-go situation. By increasing the number of public transportation, it is possible to reduce the popularity of cars in public transportation’s favour. It will lead to a decrease in the noise and stress of people. The form of the bus stop is straightforward. As a single element, it is a simple form of shelter. With different modules, it creates a matching element. Except for the complexity of materiality and programme, the building seen from outside is a mysterious white box with geometrical shapes on the facade. By covering modules with stucco, the form is always consistent, with every possible configuration. The outside of the building is rooted in context when the interior is light and shadowy, with different materiality. It is an escape from the noise world, just for a while.