Daylight in Buildings

WLL [Work-Life-Light] BALANCE


Maciej Mendyka


Zbyszko Bujniewicz


Silesian University of Technology



WLL [Work-Life-Light] BALANCE

Project Description

The project is about making a structure that provides workplace for long and short-term rent. So it is a SHARED OFFICE BUILDING with comfortable, cozy spaces and with access to a daylight. It stands in opposition to current designed compact blocks with uneven exposition to light for workstations. Functionally, the building meets the requirements of modern office buildings. In addition to traditional workplaces, it has quiet zones, nap zones, recreational and sports zones, art studios, conference rooms, training rooms, hot rooms, and a home-like office. The OFFICE TOWERS are designed in CLT technology with glass facade which provides an access to sunlight and a unique view to the city. This technology makes the building more affordable to change its structure - office, communication and sanitary modules in dimensions 6x6m and connectors 1,5x6m. At the same time it is a chance to revitalize postindustrial buildings in city centres or even entire degraded industrial districts. Arrangement of building's modules provides direct access to daylight and protection against glare by shadow of unevenly spaced connectors. Greenery hanging form each connector’s roof allows sun to play with it and make beautiful patterns of light and shade in the interiors. The whole structure of the building ensures a friendly environment inside and is designed in idea of sustainable development.