Daylight in Buildings

You Guide the Light


Agustin Torres Roncagliolo, Matías Torres Fritis


Javier Del Rio,

Werner Busch


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile



You Guide the Light

Project Description

Today┬┤s buildings need to have an emphasis in reducing their energy consumption and and take advantage of the light and natural energy that we waste daily. Some buildings do this because they where designed like that and their residents are forced to use electric energy in order to turn on lightbulbs and other artificial light sources and ventilation. "You Guide the Light" is a proposal that tries to erase the problem of dark spaces (mostly corners) in offices, homes, etc, and ventilation problems through light reflexion and wind redirection. And because every person its different, this proyect also gives the chance to adapt the light and wind to the own taste. Made of frames , mirror panels and lateral jalousies, YGTL gives the chance to adapt the bright spots in the room and change whenever the user needs it.