International VELUX Award for students of architecture 2024

The International VELUX Award 2024

The International VELUX Award for students of architecture is back for the 2024 edition!

The competition challenges students to explore the theme of daylight – to create a deeper understanding of this ever-relevant source of energy, light, and life.

Every second year since 2004, the VELUX Group has invited students of architecture to participate in the International VELUX Award for students of architecture. The award seeks to challenge the students to explore the role of daylight in architecture and inspire new thinking. The aim of the award is to engage with students of architecture about how to use sunlight and daylight as main sources of energy and light and how to ensure health and well-being of the people who live and work in buildings.

Since the launch, it has grown into the largest competition of its kind with students from 800 schools, from 130 countries of all continents, submitting more than 6,000 projects on the award theme “Light of Tomorrow”.

The award is global and open to any registered student of architecture backed by a teacher from a school of architecture. The total prize money is up to 30,000 Euro. The jury, comprising internationally renowned architects, will award a number of prize winners and honourable mentions.

International VELUX Award 2024 for students of architecture is arranged in close collaboration with the International Union of Architects (UIA) and acknowledged by the following educational organizations: The European Association for Architectural Education, The American Institute of Architecture Students, the Architectural Research Centers Consortium, and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

Registration and submission for the 2024 competition is now closed.

  • 1 September 2023 Registration opens – click here to register
  • 14 April 2024 Registration closes (deadline 23:59 UTC-12)
  • 15 April 2024 Submission upload opens
  • 30 May 2024 Submission upload ends (deadline 23:59 UTC-12)
  • June 2024 Regional winners announcement
  • 26 – 30 August 2024 Regional winners workshop/ presentations to the jury / Global winners announcement

*Our Award system categorizes applicants into Regions based on the country of the school they apply from.​ Utilizing the UIA Regions, our database automatically assigns each applicant to a specific Region, streamlining the evaluation process.

Watch the 2024 regional winners announcement video
The International VELUX Award experience

Need some inspiration? Check out the video below and explore the winning projects from the last award cycle:

The winners of the 2022 competition were elected from over 507 daylight projects submitted by students from 211 different schools of architecture in 63 countries. You can see the full list of the elected winners and their projects here.

  • Global winner category Daylight in Buildings: TIP: Time Indicate Protection, Poland
  • Global winner category Daylight Investigations: FLight, Iran

Listen to both winning teams from 2022 – reflect and convey their thoughts and feelings on their experiences participating in the International VELUX Award.

Louise Grønlund won the International VELUX Award in 2006, and is now working as an Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen. Her journey began with her passion for photography, which inspired her winning project.

From channeling the prize money into architectural studies in Japan to recently creating a mesmerizing daylight pavilion in Copenhagen, Louise’s success in 2006 kick-started her exploration into the fascinating topic of daylight in architecture.