Villum window collection launches new exhibition

05 Mar 2024


Windows and daylight influence our behavior.

This is unfolded in a new exhibition at VILLUM Window Collection, curated by Japanese architect Yoshiharu Tsukamoto who has devoted many years to the study of windows and behavior.

VILLUM Window Collection has collaborated closely with the Japanese Window Research Institute and Tsukamoto Laboratory since 2019.

In 2022, the museum showcased the exhibition ‘Windowology – New Architectural Views from Japan’, and in 2023, the museum was behind the English translation of the book ‘The Nordic Window – Window Behaviorology in Nordic Architecture’ – the fourth book in the Window Scape book series.

The current exhibition at VILLUM Window Collection, titled ‘Window Behaviorology’, focuses on the process behind the Window Scape book series.

The books are all outcomes of a research project on windows and behavior – behaviorology – carried out by students from Tsukamoto Laboratory under the guidance of Professor Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow Wow) and supported by Window Research Institute.

The exhibition features the students’ research process, including measurements, drawings, etc., alongside various case studies from the books. Notably, windows from VILLUM Window Collection are presented as distinct cases within the exhibition.

The exhibition will be displayed until February 2025.