International Day of Light 2024

15 May 2024


Today, 16th May 2024, marks the 7th edition of UNESCO’s International Day of Light (IDL) – an annual observance raising awareness of the broad societal importance of light science and technology across diverse sectors of the society and in diverse fields such as communications, energy & healthcare, as well as art and culture. Since its inception in 2018, over 2500 activities and events have taken place in more than 100 countries, reaching and inspiring millions worldwide.

The International Day of Light is administered from the International Basic Science Programme (IBSP) of UNESCO by a Steering Committee that includes representatives from a broad range of international partners – of which VELUX & D/A Daylight and Architecture is proud to be a member of. Every year, the IDL steering committee welcomes registration of events on the broad theme of light, allowing communities worldwide to participate in activities that help achieve the goals of UNESCO – education, equality, and peace. 

IDL Theme for 2024 – Light in Our Lives

The objectives of the International Day of Light are very broad, raising awareness of the applications of light science and technology in society and in sustainable development, and promoting science education through the highly accessible subject of light. Every year, there is a wide range of actions that take place spanning all of these areas, from high-level panels, to activities in schools, to large light festivals.  This year, activities are encouraged structured around the particular theme of ‘Light in Our Lives’.

There are of course many potential areas of awareness-raising and activities associated with this theme, such as: the beautiful effects of light and colour in nature; the ways in which new technologies in lighting enhance our daily lives; the ways in which natural daylight enhances design and architecture; how the science of light brings life-changing advances in healthcare; the ways in which light pollution impacts our appreciation of the night sky; how our lives are enriched by telescope images of the universe; the ways in which metaphors of light are used in art and culture. And there are many more!

Activities all over the world are being organised for 2024, and we look forward to some fantastic celebrations that will take place throughout the year. One of the unique features of the International Day of Light is the way it brings together so many diverse communities, and this is reflected in the tremendous range of topics that will be celebrated – architecture, science and technology, lighting and lighting quality, astronomy, education and more!

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Geethu Paulose
IDL Communications Coordinator