Aqua Mart

Daylight in buildings - Region AFRICA

Elmarie van Staden

Jean Wiid

Greenside Design Centre, College of Design, Johannesburg

South Africa

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Improving the health of people in townships by sterilizing the water while simultaneously offer shelter from the sun with the help of a street mart. The idea is to place clear recycled bottles on the framework for sterilization by sunlight while giving shade with unique light patterns to help relax in the shade.

Water can be sterilized from harmful bacteria by using UV-A rays from the sun by placing it in the sun for 6hr. The recommended bottle to use is a PET bottle, and should be no bigger than a 2 liter bottle. Why Mfuleni, Inqilo St.: The space is near a taxi stop and at the entrance of the township. Therefore the space can be used as a market, resting place and water purifying area. Clean water is a very serious problem they are currently facing.