Lighting Up, Neighborhood Hop

Daylight in buildings - Region ASIA & OCEANIA

FENG Meiyin
FENG Yijun


Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing


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Nowadays, along with the rapid process of urbanization, social structure changes bring pressure to urban public security, and the crime rate is also rising. This phenomenon occurs in both developed and developing countries in the initial period of industrialization and urbanization. For example, in 1920, the ratio of urban and rural population in Japan was 37:63, while the ratio of urban crime to rural crime was 56:44; Before World War II, French cities accounted for only 30 percent of the national population, but urban crimes accounted for 46 percent of all crimes; And in the last 15 years in America, the incidence of criminal activity in big cities has been more than twice higher than in other communities on average.

Studies show that the urban crime-prone space is mostly PERI-URBAN areas. Peri-urban areas refers to the transition zone between urban and rural areas, most of which are located at the urban margin and lack organizational management in cities. A large number of migrants with low social and economic status gather here and are easy to be excluded in the society.
In China, the crime rate also increases with the urbanization rate. The peri-urban performs differently in different countries, and in China, it appears in the form of urban villages. We find this situation to be unavoidable even in the capital. Backward communities with poor infrastructure conditions and weak public security efforts are surrounded by bustling cities. They are usually used as cheap rental house so there are often frequent flow of people and weak community cohesion, making it a dead corner of city safety. We hope to influence social security by transforming urban space. We learn the theory of CPTED that substantial environmental design can indeed affect the sense of security. As for creating a space for defensive crimes, the theory of CPTED tells us the following points :

1. A transparent line of sight is conducive to crime prevention.

2. Harmonious communities form a sense of domain that can intimidate criminals.

3. A good community image can reduce the occurrence of crime.

4. The overall design of the environment increases the sense of security.

We have summarized and extracted the spatial types of peri-urban areas in Beijing,  which is less complete, and the socialization degree between the neighbors is also relatively low, which is not conducive to the prevention of crime.
We meet these needs by a shared light bubble, similar to bike-sharing, providing nighttime shared light sources for pedestrians and residents. It draws on the traditional intention of Chinese Kongming lantern and hopes that the light bubble can bring a sense of peace to pedestrians and residents. Increasing street lighting increases night brightness, helps walkers improve recognition, and reduces fear of crime. By inserting new elements, we can increase the vitality of the community, enhance residents’ sense of field in space, and improve the environmental image, which can feel a sense of security, stimulate their enthusiasm for maintaining and managing the environment, and at the same time make criminals fear the cost of crime, and improve the security of the environment.

We analyzed the block with the aid of Space Syntax, placing our design in dead corners of sight and traffic. Our design is specific to the following three scenarios, lighting the night roads for pedestrians, create a social place for the residents and send out a signal in an emergency. Our complete set includes glowing balloons and the pavilion used to anchor it. In addition to providing convenient light and pleasant rest in the corners of the city that lack sufficient infrastructure, we also hope that this device will activate the vitality and cohesion of the community and give the community the ability to resist criminal activity.

The specific construction of the design is as follows:
1.Flexible photovoltaic chip that receives enough electricity from the sun during the day to support the lighting at night.

2.TPU hull, which is a wear-resistant,waterproof and environmentally friendly rubber, can scatter the light out evenly.

3.The single core wire is stiff enough to play the role of supporting the shell in addition to the electrical conductivity.


5.The base: The base integrates the air valve, the battery and the controller.

6. There is a magnetic handle at the bottom of the rope to facilitate grasping and placement of the balloon. The handle prevents the balloon from flying away. If you are in danger while walking alone, press the button on the handle to cut off the rope. When the controller lose contact with the handle, the bubble will flash red and float.

The bubble give people walking in the dark a square meter of sunshine to resist danger. Like people fly Kongming lanterns to pray for peace in Chinese tradition, the floating light can also bring people a sense of peace of mind.