Spotlight Tree:
Self-regulating System in Desert Environment

Daylight in buildings - Region WESTERN EUROPE

Zhao Liuxin
Liu Wanchen
Xin Guanbai
Dong Zhenbin

Bobby Nisha

The University of Sheffield

United Kingdom

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In 2022, drought and insufficient surface water are the main limiting factors for cultivation. In drought region, even if desalinated seawater and groundwater could help to solve the water problem, due to high temperature and deeply drought, extensive irrigation will cause soil salinization, meanwhile, desalination has a great impact on the Marine ecological environment can by releasing concentrated brine and wastewater.

In 2122, as global temperature rise and the ozone hole expands, desertification zones are gradually expanding. The surface water in hot and dry areas evaporates rapidly, which is no longer suitable for crop growth. High temperature and strong ultraviolet radiation will cause people to suffer from heat stroke, intestinal diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, skin diseases, which is not conducive to human survival.

We tried to use underground migration to solve the problems of cultivation in drought region and human survival in the future. We create ‘Spolight Tree’ to control sunlight and water content underground, not only can provide a constantly suitable temperature and humidity, but also can reduce air conditioning energy consumption, providing a solution for crop planting in drought area and the survival crisis caused by global warming.

The idea of the design came from the tree and nyctinastic movement of plants. Nyctinastic movement makes leaves open during the day and close at night. Then we can use the device modify this law of nature, making leaves open as sunshades when the light is strong, and close to allow the light in when it is weak.