bring light

bring light

Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Ren Yimin
Guo Jiani
Wang Jialin

Southwest Jiaotong University


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The basement space is mostly cramped and small, with a crowded distribution of various usable spaces and a very limited area for natural light and a lack of human care. Most of the people who live here are economically disadvantaged but still struggling to make a living in the city. For busy city dwellers, a trip to the mountains or a day by the sea may feel like a luxury. But exposure to greenery and blue skies is far more than a luxury. Research shows that there is a clear relationship between the amount of time people spend in nature and their mental health. We hope that through the ingenious combination of architecture and light, we can project time into the physical space and visualize time in different dimensions and states, so as to explore the relationship between people and time, things and time, and space and time. When time stops, the air is quiet. People slow down, stop, face time, perceive, experience, appreciate, reminisce, then turn around and move on.