Daylight investigations - Region 1: Western Europe.

Melissa Rodriguez Martin

Politecnico di Milano


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Global temperature is rising each year, making it difficult to keep inner places cooler. Can sunlight turn into a mechanism that could help make our inner spaces cooler? This project is taking the idea of mixing water with salt and the heat of light in order to cool a space. A window capable of generating a cooling effect without the use of electricity could help to lower the energy use in hot climates. This could become a way of generating alternatives to refrigeration and at the same time exploring a different way of using sunlight creating an interesting effect in inner spaces. In some areas of the world, the temperature increases every year by around 1 degree. This is making it hard for people to live during summer, creating a necessity of having an air conditioner for everyday life. The purpose of this project is to explore light as a way of creating energy, more specifically, to cool down spaces that are constantly heated by the sun. When water is in touch with a heated environment it can directly take the energy from it to evaporate, cooling down the place. It has been proved that mixing water with salt maximizes this effect, taking down the temperature. This window is based on this principle of evaporation, using salt water to have a natural cooler temperature without the use of electricity or an air conditioner that could damage the environment. Thinking about different ways of using light could be beneficial in times of climate change. The idea started from different research that uses water and salt to cool down the temperature. Every year summers are getting harder all over the world, and installing mechanisms that damage the environment is not the solution. The panel would work by having an impermeable membrane that would separate the clean water without the salt once it is evaporated. The liquid would stay on the other side once condensation is finished. This mechanism could be explored to produce energy, the design can offer different solutions that can be beneficial for a house.This window could provide a natural cooling effect to spaces that do not have electricity or to places that need air conditioners giving economical and environmentally friendly solutions. The external temperature once it started to heat the panel would lose the heat that the water would take it out, making it cold and as consequence, cooling down the inner space. The idea of using salt would keep the device friendly to the environment instead of using chemicals.