Healing of light

Healing of light

Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

ning Wong

Tianjin University


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Walk around a large number of cylinders inscribed with scriptures in many times,is a religious activity of Tibetan Buddhism.Walking and praying around a particular route.Believers believe that the sutra is the best way to recite the sutra to repent of the past,to dispel disasters and to accumulate merit.In modern society,people live under great pressure and can only be discharged through leisure and entertainment,but it does not face the past,reconcile with it and gain strength from it.Now there is no need to trek through mountains and waters to the Potala Palace,I hope that in a corridor of a city, people can stroll through it and look back on their past experiences.To turn the “light cylinders”, to feel the changes of the colorful light, to gain the healing of the soul and the courage to continue to move forward.