Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Du Xingyan
Sun Qiuyue
Lu Difei

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute


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During the Anti Japanese war more than 80 years ago, Chongqing people built a large number of air raid shelters to resist Japanese bombing. Today, they have developed new commercial value and brought new era significance to air raid shelters.With the construction and development of the new city and the prosperity of Chongqing tourism, the air raid shelter has become a unique city card and cultural symbol in Chongqing. Although there are many common air raid shelters in Chongqing, such as hot pot shops and gas stations, the open space is still only a small part of the whole air raid shelter. The basic reason why the air raid shelter can not be used is the lack of light. The cold and humid environment makes them lose the opportunity of modification and use. In order to change the current situation of the air raid shelter, we must first solve the lighting problem of the air raid shelter.In this scenario, I start with four parts. Firstly, the distribution, current situation and history of air raid shelters in Chongqing are investigated. Then, the soil cover above the shelter and the space type of the shelter itself were studied. First, consider how to combine sunlight with air raid shelters, design corresponding beam forms for air raid shelters in different spaces, and use beams to introduce natural light into air raid shelters. In order to study the influence of the angle, size and depth of the lamp column on the daytime lighting of the air raid shelter, a series of experiments were carried out by simulating the solar angle at different times of the day and recording the light intensity of different lamp column combinations. Then according to the experimental data, the lamp columns suitable for different functions are selected.Finally, according to the experimental results, we assume that the transformed space will serve the public at different times of the day, including market, reading, roaming, exhibition, drinking and sacrifice. Each feature is associated with a different, unique daylight environment, so the most appropriate solution has been designed to meet them. For example, direct light is important for reading and markets, while diffuse light can create a sacred atmosphere for those who want to worship there. It is worth mentioning that the design time has been taken into account. I hope it can become a flexible public place, which depends on time and weather. Then, in order to make it operable, a detailed structure is designed. The air raid shelter has revived and achieved the goal of revitalizing the region. I hope these lightweight column combinations can provide an example and reference for designers or managers who want to reuse these air raid shelters in the future. In addition, they can be widely used in various underground spaces in more cities.Different forms of sunlight are introduced into the basement space, so that the natural lighting can meet the environmental protection lighting methods such as human health and comfort, ventilation, sustainable sunshine, and adjusting people’s psychological mood. Natural light sources are collected outdoors and introduced into the basement. So as to obtain good lighting effect. From early morning to dusk, you can get sunlight even on cloudy or rainy days. Use light beams to solve the problem of air raid shelter lighting, and explore various types of light beams to create different light points. In order to achieve the performance of use value and aesthetic art value.The second concept is that up to now, most underground garages in China still use traditional electric lighting. Underground space requires 24-hour lighting and consumes a lot of power. If there is a problem with the lamp, it will affect the lighting of pedestrians and require special maintenance. Short circuit and even leakage will cause great potential safety hazards. Consider reducing the energy consumption of daytime lighting and building lighting. The light guide system is healthy and green lighting with small light loss. The light source is natural light. Soft and uniform lighting, full spectrum, no stroboscopic, no glare. It can effectively filter out harmful light such as purple light, infrared light and soft strong light, so that the underground space can also receive natural light. Capture and collect sunlight to bring natural light into the indoor space.I found that the daylighting rate of the light guide device is 94%, and the ultraviolet transmittance is 0. The high radian shape can collect the maximum amount of sunlight. The light intensity can be adjusted freely according to the functional requirements. Introduce natural light into industrial plants, stadiums and gymnasiums, underground spaces, school classrooms, office spaces and residential buildings, create a full spectrum, radiation free, stroboscopic and glare free lighting environment, and realize real green and healthy natural lighting.