Musa Basjoo Therapy Lightscape

Musa Basjoo Therapy Lightscape

Daylight in buildings - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Yuejun Cui
Yajie Hou
Weiyi Zhang

South China University of Technology


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OUTLINEThis project proposes a way of mood disorders therapy——Musa Basjoo Therapy Lightscape, which is located in Suzhou, China. It is a public landscape where people could surrounded by time-varying and seasonal Musa Basjoo Lightscape. Between the shadowing, shading, and colouring of Musa Basjoo, people could be cured physically, mentally and psychologically.

LIGHT THERAPY FOR MOOD DISORDERSLight not only effects human in a visual way, but also has a physiological and psychological impact on human health. Light therapy is mainly used to treat mood disorders by regulating the body’s circadian rhythm and endocrine system. This process is mainly determined by two hormones, melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin regulates our circadian rhythm. And serotonin has an impact on our mood. Studies have shown that light therapy can increase the transport efficiency of serotonin transporters, which could direct our mood towards a more positive side.

LIGHTSCAPE FOR LIGHT THERAPYInspired by the use of light in Chinese Tradition Gardens, we decided to use Musa Basjoo to create different lightscape. They are shadowing, shading and colouring. Human could get a release from modern life and surrounded by time-varying and seasonal Musa Basjoo Lightscape. Pressure, anxiety, depression and any other negative emotion could be left behind.