Shining a light on care

Shining a light on care

Daylight investigations - Region 3: The Americas

Daphne Graves
Daniel Frezza

Javier del Rio Ojeda
Douglas Leonard

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile


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Through the covid-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have often risked their well-being to improve that of those in their care. To mitigate the threat of their contagion, we suggest the application of the newly discovered neutralizing properties of natural light against the virus, and the well-known immune system benefits yielded by sunlight-based vitamin D production. By devising a lightwell which draws sunlight into wall niches placed within break rooms intended for healthcare workers, we mean to improve their living spaces bringing natural light to otherwise enclosed and isolated areas, oftentimes lacking any connection to the outside. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, the color of the sunlight brought to the room will change naturally throughout the day and help its users keep a healthy circadian rhythm, aiding the production of cortisol and melatonin in their bodies at their appropriate hours.