Silver sunflower

Silver sunflower

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania


Central Academy of Fine Arts


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The project is committed to solving the local power supply problem and promoting the employment and economic development of nearby areas for provinces and cities in remote areas of Northwest China with long annual sunshine hours, high sunshine percentage and large annual solar radiation. The scheme mainly relies on a large number of mirrors to refract sunlight into the heat absorber on the photothermal tower. In this process, the temperature on the heat absorber can often reach 500-600 ℃. The high temperature will drive the high-pressure steam inside the photothermal tower and drive the steam turbine generator unit to generate electricity. Moreover, the advantages of the tower type solar thermal power station are quite obvious. As 5800 tons of molten salt are stored in the solar thermal tower, these molten salts not only have heat absorption capacity, but also have excellent heat storage and heat exchange capacity. Relying on these molten salts, even in the absence of light, the Dunhuang tower type solar thermal power station can still generate electricity independently for 15 hours, even at night.