Temple of light

Temple of light

Daylight in buildings - Region 2: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Chiara Solbiati
Zofia Sobieraj
Bartosz Michałowski
Irmina Kaźmierczak

Jerzy Łątka

Wrocław University of Science and Technology


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IDEADaylight has a massive impact on our everyday life. Some say that light can turn our minds and bodies on. Each photon can activate certain parts of our brain and cause some visible effects. Our project emphasizes the importance of light. With something such simple as daylight, there can be multiple solutions for everyday life problems.COLORSSince ancient times, especially in India, chromotherapy was applied for various illnesses. Chromotherapy consists on using different colors of light to heal such conditions as muscle sourness, injuries and even influenza and pneumonia. Chromotherapy was strictly connected with the chakra system. Every energy chakra spot has a different shade of color. Red light alleviates pain, helps with better blood circulation, activates metabolism and libido, helps to develop collagen and can heal some diseases. The red color also activates all the senses.Yellow light develops curiosity and consciousness. It can also help to relax muscle tension. Furthermore, yellow light is proven to strengthen the immune system and heal scars. Green light brings balance and harmony in the human body and soul. This kind of light can reinforce the connection with nature. It alleviates headaches and can also reduce stress levels.Blue light is often used with anxiety and fear therapy. The blue color improves communication skills and has a calming effect. By calming down it’s easier to talk thru one’s trauma and figure out a solution. LABIRYNTHDaylight can be also used for creating spaces. By making a “wall of light” it is possible to divide an area by function. What makes the experience interesting, is that the mentioned wall is fully see-through. Getting into the labyrinth of light, you already can see the exit. It can be a turning point for starting to think about what’s the main goal, to reach the target or discover what’s along the way. So many elements to observe stimulate the human brain and are not only a fun way of spending time, but they also may lead to deep reflections.TEMPLE OF LIGHTFinding inner peace is one of humanity’s main goal. There are different ways people are trying to achieve it. One of them is to get to know yourself better. Come to know your soul once again. In the temple of light, you can rediscover yourself. By looking at your body or objects in direct light, you may find lots of new details. The key is to look into the particulars to find the answer for the bigger picture. Once we understand how light reacts with different object, we will finally begin to understand how unique and yet equal we all are.