The beating pulse

The beating pulse

Daylight investigations - Region 4: Asia and Oceania

Ziyan Wang
Kunlong Wang

Qingdao University of Technology


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In 2022, wars broke out in many parts of the world, and countless people lost hope, homes and even lives in this dark moment. War only increases hatred; The smoke of gunpowder will only increase suffering; Chaos only aggravates the pain. Peace is the common aspiration of people all over the world.This design brings spiritual strength to people by shining sunlight on the fluctuating water surface to produce constantly changing reflected light.This scheme is inspired by the natural light at the bottom of the bridge. The light broke through the huge dark column and shone on the water. The reflected light is thrown into the dark space, like a beating pulse, like the heart of life longing for peace in war, and like the never-ending fire of hope in the dark. Bring spiritual support to people in war, and let us in a peaceful world think deeply, oppose war and cherish peace.The round pool is the ground shot through by bullets and the wound of the world. The flowing water is the surging blood, the scattered columns are the damaged homes, the fear and despair, but also the fire of hope and the torch of peace.Put the solar power generation system into it, and it will send out soft and flickering lights at night, bringing people the power of light.