Daylight in buildings - Region 2: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Lina Ballita

Holy Spirit University of Kaslik


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From a scientific point of view, light is the origin phenomenon of a visual sensation. However, in a deeper sense, light is the source of life, it marks a happy life accompanied by prosperity. Thus, in the scientific sense, the light, with its invisible radiations, carries a large part of the solar energy to the surface of the earth and maintains the balance of the natural environment. In the moral and spiritual sense, it means the happiness of eternal life and also, the representation of God. (God is the Light of heaven and Earth.)In ancient world, the sun was a source of belief and was considered the sun god of Egypt. The Stonehenge was a landmark for the first man before light was ever being functional and sensitive in historical temples constructions. Thus, today the challenge lies in the production of electricity based on this natural energy. However, can’t light be a human need? Can’t it be a source of expressions of human emotions?The sun arouses in man various sensations while moving across the sky. Sunrise and sunset put man in a state of peace whereas other day time is considered a source of provocation. Wouldn’t it be obvious to integrate this experience into our building?Emotions occupy third of a quarter of human needs apart from physiological needs that are first of a quarter, thus this leads to the chosen subject of light in natural sites and manifestation of sun with different nature components. The site is located in between the cedars of God forest, the Qadisha valley grotto and the cedar’s pier. The qadisha valley is a natural and spiritual rift. Daylight in this place is manifested and perceived in different ways depending on the natural components combined.My integration into the site is erased in order to preserve the values of this place and reduce the impact of the constructions, how will the light be expressed?The light in relation with the snow shows the impact of the shadow on a white plane and in the fall a kind of vapor. On the other hand, while the melting of the snow, liquid state of the water, the recovery of this water with a natural light causes steam and fog. This fog is perceived differently depending on the different positions of the sun. From there comes the idea of creating the fog of emotion: a combination of natural light, sunlight and the emotions of the human being.The seasons and the positions of the sun in the sky are essential factors in the expression of emotions in the project.Regarding the project, it presents itself in several stages expressing positive emotions and other negative ones. These emotions will be perceived according to the character and the effect of the light produced in the space.To this, there are seven stages, each corresponding to a perceived emotion depending on the position of the sun in the sky.First, Zenithal light with a mesh roof for an exceptional reflection arouses in the viewer a joy and a feeling of elevation.In addition, the entrance of the project is in the center to create the emotion of neutral. The light is found as a sharp light. This quality of light puts man in a neutral state.Moreover, below the entrance level, the lost level appears. Light is the guide in space, towards happiness or towards fear.Furthermore, below the lost level, the light is sharp due to the shape of the crystals. This quality of light makes human beings angry just as the shimmering walls of the crystals arouse nervousness.Additionally, below the above levels the sadness starts. Human beings find themselves in silence, at this level the fine light between the crystals causes the feeling of sadness.Finally, while going down to the end of the project being in a hole, the bottom fills up with melted snow water. This water with filtered light causes the fog. Fog in relation with the quality of light causes fears especially a light coming from the bottom while descending. This fog rises upwards, causing different sensations depending on the season of the year. At the end, to liberate from the fear caused in the bottom, a tunnel with a pinch of light direct you to the exit towards the grotto.The project being the expression of human emotions towards natural light it is affected by the position of the sun in the sky. The emotions retrieved in the project will be perceived in different ways. Despite the integration of the project in its surrounding, being erased, the project is charged with emotion due to the introduction of natural light: the production of fog. It reflects the perfect assimilation of diamonds exposed to light. This explains the initial conceptual approach of fragmentation.