Daylight in buildings - Region 2: Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Bahar Irmak

Önen Günöz

Yeditepe University


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What I’m thinking about here is to make parks more functional for people while not distorting the natural image. That’s why I designed my project as an under ground center that can be used in parks with a lot of slope.

I would design this place double-sided as a slit at the rate allowed by the slope. I covered the slit with durable nets in order to prevent the narrowing and widening slit from posing a danger and to increase its functionality.

At night in parks, this crevasse can still be dangerous. But considering that this slit shines without using energy, that is, thanks to phosphor, which receives energy from the sun, it is a warning move in addition to visual. In addition, the energy of the phosphorescent rift adds a beautiful ambiance to the environment while hosting various events.

I thought about using a live wall to keep the feeling of topography on the walls of the crevice. I tried to get maximum light inside using wide openings. There is a difference in jeans on the floor of the space and on the slit floor. Nevertheless, I have created a natural crenelation system with an above-ground steel wire mesh on the floor.

Service places are places that are both needed and contrary to the nature of the frequented parks in the city center. For this reason, I hide these places by not ignoring them. The exceptions that I consider necessary to have in a park are security, item drop-off area, veterinarian, rev, and toilets.

The place that connects the two slits and receives the most light is the area shared with the municipal enterprise. It is a small business where people can come and buy fast-moving consumer products. In addition, the part that is used as a small event space is warmer and more intimate.

This slot, which hides the service spaces inside the park, is actually an experience space. And there are a lot of experience opportunities that you can get here. Different experiences can be obtained with different activities day and night.